Preventing Churn in the Heat of the Sale

Seeds of Churn

Have you ever felt the heat of a sales quota? Your quarter is already underway and the clock is ticking. It’s just you and your pipeline and deals are either won, lost, or delayed. Marketing has already moved on to begin feeding the next quarter. It’s under this pressure that your sales team may unintentionally push through a deal that is at risk of churn as soon as they sign on the dotted line. The seed of customer churn has been sown.

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The Customer Success Metrics That Matter [eBook]

Customer Success Metrics eBook If you’re reading this, the customer success metric fire hose may already be spraying you. The volume of customer success data continues to balloon; from customer login counts to Net Promoter Scores, churn rate to activity scores, and support ticket counts to seat utilization. How do we sift this data to extract the nuggets that enable us to take intelligent action? We created this customer success metrics eBook to help you do just that.

We evaluate 11 customer success metrics, provide our recommendations on each, and give some context for how you can select the right metrics for your business. Below you can download the eBook PDF or view the slides.

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A Humble Customer Lifetime Value Calculation

Customer Lifetime Value

You can easily get carried away with most SaaS metrics, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is no different. But if you’re in customer success, marketing, sales, etc. you’re probably not trying to impress a VC with your freshly minted cash flow model – but instead just want a reliable, defensible CLV metric to help you better run your corner of your business.

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